5 Tips to Avoid a Dental Emergency

While not all dental emergencies are preventable, there are several situations that you can avoid. There are several simple, regular activities that will help prevent dental emergencies.

Tip #1: Avoid Using Teeth as Tools

It’s common to feel the necessity to use our teeth for tasks they aren’t designed for—opening bottles, tearing packages, or even holding items when hands are full. Such habits, however, exert undue stress on teeth, making them susceptible to chips, fractures, or other damage. Teeth are meant for chewing food, and by ensuring they are used solely for their intended purpose, we can avoid unforeseen accidents and potential emergencies.


Tip #2: Steer Clear of Hard and Sticky Foods

Hard foods, such as candies, popcorn kernels, and ice cubes, can lead to tooth breakage or chips when bitten into with force. Similarly, sticky foods can adhere to teeth, pulling out fillings, crowns or dislodging dental appliances. Moreover, they often get trapped between teeth, leading to decay if not properly cleaned. By being mindful of food choices and avoiding those that pose a threat to dental health, one can significantly reduce the risk of needing emergency dental treatment.


Tip #3: Use a Mouth Guard

One dental emergency that can be prevented in many cases is a damaged, broken, or knocked-out tooth due to impact sports and physical activities. A custom-fitted mouthguard is a simple yet effective device that cushions the teeth and jaw, helping to dissipate the force from a blow or impact. This not only protects the teeth but also reduces the risk of injuries to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Drug stores and other shops sell over-the-counter sports mouth guards, but dental-grade mouth guards have superior fit, comfort and protection. 


Tip #4: Maintain Regular Dental Check-up and Hygiene Appointments

Practicing good dental hygiene and going regularly to your dentist will help you stay on top of any problems and keep your oral health in check. Professional oral hygiene appointments help remove built-up plaque from your teeth and reduce your risk of developing cavities. This is also your opportunity to have the dentist and oral hygienist examine your teeth and catch any problems early on rather than waiting for emergency dental care. 


Tip #5: Regular At-Home Oral Health Care

The way you take care of your teeth at home is as essential as scheduling a dentist appointment on a routine basis. Brushing your teeth and gums twice daily and flossing at least once daily is the best way to maintain good oral health between dental visits. When oral hygiene is neglected, teeth become vulnerable and gums inflamed, increasing the risk of infections, abscesses, and other painful conditions. A diligent and consistent oral care routine ensures a healthy oral environment, making dental emergencies less likely.


Emergency Dental Office in Jacksonville

In conclusion, while certain dental emergencies may be inevitable due to accidents or genetics, a significant number can be prevented with foresight and proper care. By following these tips, one can ensure their oral health remains in optimal condition, minimizing the chances of unforeseen dental emergencies.

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