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Advanced Technologies


Guided Implant Surgery

Using digital 3D technology, our dentists can plan and develop a precise placement of implants to ensure a proper fit and beautiful outcome.

Intraoral Digital Camera

Our Miniature digital camera will take crisp, clear images of your teeth. If there is an issue we need to discuss about your oral health, you will be able to see it by yourself right there on the screen.

Digital X-Ray Device

We  minimize your exposure with this revolutionary technology. We deliver sharp, precise images with a fraction of the radiation used in old-fashioned chemical-activated film x-rays. Actually, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, dental x-rays usually produce less radiation than one day of natural background radiation, like going out for a walk or enjoying a picnic with friends.

Unique In-House Whitening System

We use a bleaching accelerator machine with a unique design, allowing upper and lower teeth to be whitened at the same time in the comfort of a reclined chair with a cozy blanket and neck pillow.

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