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You have likely heard a lot about dental implants. Possibly you have heard that dental implants replace your real teeth that have been damaged in an accident or lost to gum disease or tooth decay. Dental implants can be used in a process that replaces your natural teeth. However, the dental implants themselves are actually metal posts that provide the root structure for a dental crown.


Dental implants provide many benefits for you, whether you have lost one tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth. Although you need to discuss all your options with your dentist first, the possibility of using dental implants to hold replacement teeth is an option worth exploring.

Your dentist at 904 Dental Care will go over the dental implant procedure with you before starting the process. It usually takes three to four appointments to complete the work.



On the first appointment, your dentist removes any remaining parts of damaged teeth to be replaced. This step is not necessary if your tooth is already missing.



The second step is the insertion of the implant. Your dentist will then take an impression (mold) of your teeth and gums to create the custom-made crown. 



Finally, when the implant has healed, about 6 to 12 weeks later, the dentist places the crown on the implant.

  • Less Invasive

    Typically smaller than traditional implants, and don’t require extensive, painful surgery. Our mini implants are all FDA approved.

  • Quicker Healing Time

    Since it's a less invasive procedure, it results in faster healing time, virtually no discomfort, and way less visits to the dental office.

  • Immediate Results

    Without the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, mini dental implants allow you to get your new teeth same day.

  • Half The Cost

    In most cases, the mini dental implant procedure is less than half the cost of a traditional implant case.

  • No More Decay

    Mini dental implants are made out of titanium and they are not subject to decay and periodontal disease.

  • Preserve Bone Structure

    In most cases, the mini dental implant procedure is less than half the cost of a traditional implant case.

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Specially Trained Staff

Our caring staff is specially trained to assist with your mini implant treatment. Because this is a focus of our practice, our staff members are experienced with all aspects of implant treatments, and often continue their education through special doctor and staff training programs.

Our Equipment & Facility

This state of the art facility contains the most modern equipment available to deliver these specialized services, and meets or exceeds the highest quality standards of safety and infection control.

Proven Results

Thousands of mini dental implants have been placed and studies demonstrate a success rate greater than 95% when provided by properly trained and experienced dentists. Ask our dentist if you are a candidate for these procedures today.

People who are missing one or more teeth have several options today for tooth replacement. A dental implant can replace one tooth, a mouth full of teeth, or secure a denture. If you have done any reading on the subject, it probably comes as no surprise that dentists consider dental implants the best option available for tooth replacement.

If you are in good general health, have healthy gums, and have enough bone in the jaw to hold an implant, dental implants might be right for you. If your jawbone has shrunk or has not developed normally, you may have a bone graft to build up the bone. A bone graft is a way of adding new bone to your jawbone. Your dentist will tell you if bone grafting can be done.


The mini dental implant procedure is a much less involved process than the conventional dental implants. For this reason, the procedure can usually be completed in one simple dental appointment. In addition to saving time in the dental office, you will have far less discomfort following this procedure due to the minimally involved dental procedure (usually requiring no surgical flaps or sutures). Because the mini dental implants are so time efficient, your dentist is able to perform these procedures at a fraction of the cost associated with the larger conventional dental implants.


  • A simple non-surgical procedure
  • Immediate results
  • Restored confidence with speaking and eating
  • Improved attractiveness of your smile
  • Cost effective
  • Preserves bone and facial structure


From regular check-ups to bridges and mini dental implants, our caring professionals will treat your family’s dental health needs throughout your lives.

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Javon Norris

Dr. Shah and all of the staff is great. Everyone’s very informative and transparent about your dental care. Best experience I’ve had in years.

Eric Bell

Today I was seen as an emergency patient and I saw Dr. Shah and he was phenomenal, very informative, very thorough and I have a very high dental anxiety and he put me right at ease!!! His staff Tameka and Ahmani were wonderful, I highly recommend this dental office I'll definitely be back.

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