Crooked Smile as an Adult and How to Fix It

There is a common misconception that it’s too late to fix crooked teeth in adulthood, but that’s not true. Most adults are excellent candidates for orthodontic treatment. Modern orthodontic treatments for adults make correcting those imperfections easier than ever. With orthodontic care, from small metal braces to discreet clear aligners, your journey to a straighter smile awaits you! 

Common Presentation of Crooked Teeth in Adults

#1 Crowded Teeth: Imagine a parking lot that’s too small for all the cars. That’s like having crowded teeth. There’s not enough space in the mouth, so the teeth overlap or twist around each other.

#2 Gaps Between Teeth: Some people have noticeable spaces between their teeth. These gaps can happen for different reasons, like teeth being too small for the jaw or habits from when they were kids, like thumb-sucking.

#3 Overbite: This is when the upper front teeth stick out way over the lower teeth. It’s not just about looks; it can make the lower teeth wear out faster and cause jaw pain.

#4 Underbite: This is the opposite of an overbite. The lower front teeth are ahead of the upper teeth. It can make someone’s face look a bit different and can make it hard to chew or speak clearly.

#5 Crossbite: Imagine some upper teeth biting inside the lower teeth instead of outside when the mouth is closed. It can cause the teeth to be loose, wear down, or gum problems.

#6 Open Bite: When someone with an open bite closes their mouth, their upper and lower front teeth don’t touch each other. It makes biting really tough.


Misalignment Causes Dental Complications

Crooked teeth aren’t just about how a smile looks. They can make it hard to keep teeth clean, leading to cavities or gum problems, and can even cause headaches or jaw issues. Braces or clear aligners are like tools that help straighten the teeth, making them look better and work better too.


Solutions That Will Have You Smiling 


Many adults prefer clear aligners, as Invisalign for its low visibility on their teeth. We use advanced 3D imaging to create a detailed patient treatment plan. Patients wear clear and removable aligners to help gradually bring teeth into their proper positions. Switching to the next  specially customized aligners every few weeks move the teeth further.


Braces are orthodontic devices used to correct bite and alignment issues. Braces are composed of brackets and wires that are made from various materials, such as metal or ceramic. While metal braces are visible, patients can request ceramic braces, which are less visible on their teeth.  

A 1-2 year comprehensive treatment plan is created and tailored to each patient. Then, the orthodontist will fit the braces onto the teeth, where they will remain for the treatment, with patients receiving regular orthodontic adjustments to ensure the teeth keep shifting properly. 

Teeth Extractions

In some cases, teeth overcrowding can cause severe bite, gum or bone issues, making it difficult to chew comfortably. Keeping all the natural teeth is our main goal. But, in some cases, teeth extractions are the best solution to create space in the mouth for bite and smile correction. Teeth extractions are typically done during the orthodontic treatment, which will help further re-align teeth into their proper positions.


Jacksonville Orthodontics at 904 Dental Care

It’s never too late to fix a crooked smile with adult orthodontic treatment. Contact us to book your appointment and learn how we can help you repair your teeth so you can confidently show off that beautiful smile.